The Worst Martial Arts Mistake You Can Make

You and your martial arts training partner stand across from each other ready to work on the next training drill- back and forth practicing a martial arts technique.

It is your turn to work on the technique (waza) and as you perform it, half way through, you start making mistakes.

What happens next?

The worst thing you can do when you start making mistakes in the martial arts is to stop mid-practice and start over.

Doing this goes against everything you have been trying to build in linking your mind and body during practice.

Doing this teaches your mind and body to STOP when something goes wrong or is unexpected.

What happens when, and it will, something goes unexpected.

Always finish the movement, no matter how bad of off.

Try to correct along the way, but finish it out.

This is training your mind and body, you movement in the martial arts to always keep going, to not “think” (mushin), and keep moving.

Don’t make that martial arts mistake.

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