The Most Important Martial Arts Skill

As you progress through your martial arts journey, what is the most important skill to master?

Is it possible to distill this down to a single skill, given how many skills in the martial arts cross over and blend together?

Let’s give it a try.

In every class we start with a simple training drill:

You and your training partner stand across from each other, and they step forward with a punch. As the punch moves forward, you step off to the side and the angle of attack.

Nothing more.

No martial arts moves, no blocks, no counters.

Just using footwork to get out of the way.

There are many lays to this drill, and it scales up based on experience, rank, and time.

But at its core it teaches this:

Something is coming at you- start moving and get out of the way.

ALWAYS keep moving.

Movement in the martial arts.

On a self-defense level this is also fundamental- a moving target in any form is harder to connect with vs. a static target.

So, before we layer in any martial arts moves at all, just be moving (correctly of course) we are exercising self-defense.


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