Sojutsu: Japanese Spear (Yari) Training

The Japanese spear- the yari is one of the traditional training tools of the samurai.

In this martial arts post we are going to explore some of the ideas and training concepts behind the spear using the skills of sojutsu.

How should we begin to approach the spear?

The same we we explore all of the traditional Japanese training tools- by distance, powered by timing.

Closest distance – furthest distance.







The focal point of the spear is naturally the tip, and using footwork we want to keep our training partner at a distance, while keeping them lined up with the tip.

But footwork also allows us to use the other side of the spear- often ending in an iron cap or weight- sweeping, crushing, and smashing.

Kamae (postures) with the spear set up the timing, to create openings in movement against your training partner.

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