Shinobi Iri Ninja Stealth Methods

During this time of year we have a two week or so window in our training- with the leaves on the ground, a chance to explore the walking methods of shinobi iri.

Walking and moving silently.

Walk around in the leaves and don’t make any noise.

When noise happens, immediately side or back drop with ukemi to get out of the line of sight.

While the aim of these methods are walking silently, there are other aspects of taijutsu in them that help you become a better martial artist. Being able to control balance, being able to flow and take ukemi, being able to shift weight and control both your legs at the same time or independent of each other.

Shinobi iri helps to teach balance really fast.

If one observed out training cycle for the year, it would be easy to think this type of training isn’t important- as we only “practice” it once a year in the fall. There is a reason for this and how it relates to time in training.

There are certain skills in our training- shinobi iri being one of them, that don’t make the best use of class time in training. Shinobi iri is the type of training that you can see, practice, and once guided, work on at home or outside of class- which one should be.

Spending hours in class, when there are training partners to throw around and interact with takes precedence since class training is only a few times each week vs. hours each week training outside of class.

The training points covered a few times each year, are no less important vs. the drills and training covered in each class, it is just making best use of the transmission time for each class.

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