Ready To Live My Life As A Martial Artist

Starting out on your martial arts journey begins with confusion.

New ways of moving your body, training principals and martial physics like distance, timing, and balance need to be understood- new ways of approaching movement science.

New ways of learning of to learn- a model of movement in the martial arts, and the passing of transmission by movement vs. academic learning.

Slowly over time the transmission of the martial arts begins to mold you.

Literal teachings from generations of warriors, monks, and headmasters passed down.

At some point something switches inside.

One now has the tools to live and carry oneself in the martial arts- not only using the physical skills, but putting to use the philosophical and spiritual skills passed on.

The challenge at this point is the conflict of the old vs. new.

How one used to think and act, a choice to keep going that way or start living your life as a martial artist.

I’m ready to start living like a martial artist.

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