Martial Arts Walking: Speed, Distance & Balance

In the dojo (martial arts training hall) perfection is easy(er).

We have a chance to train with martial friends who have our best interests at heart.

A group of fellow martial artists, working together to take that next step.

There is also an element of stepping out of the world when training in the dojo.

Being able to set aside some time in a busy day full of responsibilities and obligations to train in the martial arts.

Being able for a brief time to focus on a single thing.

Outside of the dojo, I have a tendency to walk fast- beyond the limits of correct martial arts postures.

Good kamae.

Why is that?

Part of it is physical, with long legs and a naturally wide step, but also most of it would be a lack of mindfulness.

I’m in a hurry and tasked with solving multiple problems every day.

Multiple damage control scenarios are normal.

That puts me in perpetual rush mode.

Is that an excuse?

One needs to take the skills learned in the dojo, skill we are aware of and can use through practice, and making them “normal” in our day to day.

Walking fast and past the range of your hips means that movement is unsupported- potentially out of balance and timing.

That creates a weakness in movement.

It’s easy to lose martial focus in the day to day.

But every movement inside and outside of the dojo needs to be correct movement in the martial arts.

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