Hokojutsu: Martial Arts Walking

Your feet are the connection to the ground and in this connection is the basis of taijutsu. Taijutsu is just walking- using your feet to place your body in the right moment and the right time, this in turn creates “luck”. Taijutsu is also all about using 100% of your body’s momentum and efficiency being applied to the application.

When you are “walking” you want to make sure that your feet are pointing forward from your hips and that as you walk your toes point in the direction that you are walking. Also pay attention to your step and distribution of weight. You want your weight to always be floating and equally distributed between both your legs. You need to be centered with your balance so at any moment you can stop and change directions.

Practice this by just going for a walk paying attention to balance and proper foot/leg/hip alignment for the direction that you are going in. From there add in walking on uneven surfaces, up/down inclines and on slippery surfaces like ice. Use them to train to adapt the shift of your balance in a moments notice.

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