Bujinkan Jodan Uke

In our taijutsu training we first come across jodan uke as a way to receive a strike in both the kihon happo and san shin no kata.

A few points to consider in your practice at home, and with a “checklist” for movement.


When practicing with our training partner, over time the back and forth of practice settles into a routine, and often the correct distance goes unnoticed. Based on your training partner take a moment to adjust the distance in practice so it is correct for jodan uke.


Getting off the angle of attack, getting out of the way of the strike, taking the target point on your body and use footwork to make sure it is not there.

Get out of the way.

Body mechanics:

Good rotation of the shoulder and arm, in time with the hips and feet to strike the kyusho of the incoming strike. The aim is to not only damage the limb and take that attack out of the way, but to also disrupt structure and take balance so your training partner can not further move in the moment.


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