About Our Group

The genesis of our training group started with its first class in the summer of 2006 with the aim of coming together as martial arts friends to study the Japanese martial arts of Masaaki Hatsumi through the lessons of the Bujinkan dojo.

Since then we have been meeting every Saturday, rain or shine, through the seasons and years to perfect our movements and honor the wonderful and generous lessons that Hatsumi sensei has shared with us.

As friends (buyu) we come together to grow, learn, and share our individual perspectives in the ways that the martial arts where intended to be transmitted: taiden, shinden, & kuden. In our group there is no beginner or advanced classes, as we all have the capacity to learn the martial arts in great stride.

No previous martial arts experience is needed, new members, and out of town or traveling Bujinkan buyu are always invited to visit.

The aim of the group is to make progress each week in learning the martial arts, developing skill, self-defense ability, and an understanding of how and why people move.

Classes are also held to discuss martial arts philosophy, strategy, and the mental/spiritual impact of the arts.